Rainbow Year

Call: 1
Area: Anti-discrimination, combating of racism and xenophobia
Organization name: Nomantinels
Amount: 74 931,75 €

Currently in Slovakia remains high degree of homophobia as recent surveys show. The main project objective is to eliminate homophobia and sensitization of the general public on issues of LGBTI people through research, cultural and information activities, which make them visible. Target group are the general public, students, youth, LGBTI community. Innovative component is the realization of historical research in the field of LGBTI activism and information activities connected with it. Furthermore, we plan to implement theatre performances that display LGBTI people stories in connection with discussions, as well as literary competition Kvírenie, literary evenings and workshops for youth about perceptions of the homophobia consequences for LGBTI peoples life. We support Queer Drama Festival, Film Festival otherness and Internationalsport competition Lotos Cup. All these activities will be part of information campaign LGBTI History Month.


website: www.nomantinels.sk

contact: andrejkuruc@gmail.com