When traditions hurt

Call: 1
Area: Gender equality and combating gender-based violence
Organization name: QUO VADIS, o.z.
Amount: 56 000 €

In Slovakia, the current situation in related to elimination of gender inequality in Roma communities and discrimination of Roma women in alarming. As feminist NGOs in Slovakia point out: on the one hand the thus far approved strategies in the sphere of gender equality contain no specific measures focusing on elimination of multiple discrimination of Roma women, on the other hand neither do the policies related to the issues of to the Roma minority do not take the gender perspective into account. In this situation it is more than important to empower Roma women’s NGOs that would be able to enter into these processes and contribute to positive changes. However, the problem is that also our own organization does not have enough of qualified personnel with education in this area that would be able to apply the gender perspective in their daily work. Therefore, we are convinced that is necessary to invest into strengthening of our professional capacities through gender education and training.


website: www.quovadis-oz.sk

contact: ingrid.kosova@gmail.com