Missing children

Call: 1
Area: Human rights including minority rights
Organization name: Liga za ľudské práva
Amount: 36 000 €

Separated children are outside their country of origin, found in the SVK without their parents.In 2011, 169 such children were discovered, in 2012 more than 200.More than 90% of them dissappeared.The UN CRC Convention aims to protect every child, without discrimination.Separated children are afforded special protective measures by CRC.Separated children in SVK do not benefit from the same level of protection as Slovak children. They are not primarily viewed as vulnerable children, but rather as eonomics migrants heading to the “West”. The aim of the project is to shed light on the needs and vulnerabilities of these children, including improvements in their care/needs, identification of reasons leading to their dissapearances, possible causalities with human trafficking and promising practices in foreign countries.Implementation methods include: desk research, field research,case law analysis,policy advise,incl.film.General public and state organs are our target group too.

website: www.hrl.sk

contact: malangone@hrl.sk