Public Procurement Monitoring

Call: 1
Area: Democracy, good governance and transparency
Organization name: Transparency International Slovensko
Amount: 87 750 €

State spends its every fifth euro (5 billion yearly) through procurement. Yet,75% surveyed Slovaks claim that public tenders are often corrupted. Businesses say that bribe is 13% of the contract values.

The project seeks to reduce corruption by monitoring of the largest tenders, researching recent legislative changes and involving public in the monitoring of civil servants.

The large-scale investments announced by the government deserve our attention. In cooperation with domain experts, we will closely follow fairness and process of the tenders.

We will compare procurement calls and final prices of the same wares among institutions. We will analyze impacts of  recent legislative changes, efficiency of the state oversight, disqualifications of bidders and granting of exemptions.

We will improve  procurement data quality, prepare a website for civil servants with templates for the most common tenders. Finally, we will train both groups on effective procurement and monitoring.