Tools for increasing the employability of people with disability

Call: 1
Area: Democracy, good governance and transparency
Organization name: Nezisková organizácia EPIC
Amount: 68 814,50 €

The goal of the project is to introduce a number of tools, which can have significant influence on increasing the employment of people with disability.
Among the tools that we plan to introduce is a model utilized in Australia “Supported wage system”. Through this tool, employers have the option to pay lower wages than minimum wages to people with significantly lowered functional ability. It is a key tool in facilitating employment of people with disability, who otherwise remain isolated in their environment and their interactions with the society remain limited
Tools like Supported wage must be supported and accepted by all social partners and require a lot of analyses and creation of a support system. For this purpose, intersector coalitions will be created, discussion forums and professional seminars as well as other events leading to legislating of suggested tools.