Increasing Gender Competence through Publications and Educational Activities

Call: 1
Area: Gender equality and combating gender-based violence
Organization name: ASPEKT
Amount: 80 928 €

A democratic society cannot exist without the principles of gender equality being enacted, and taking into account other inequalities. Important readings of feminist and gender studies, which form the essential foundation for the responsible use of gender as an analytical category in theory and praxis, are still largely absent from Slovakia. The project aims to improve the gender competence of experts and the general public with a focus on NGOs, academics and students, public administrators and their interconnection. This objective will be achieved through professional and popular publications, seminars, consultations and library services, expert and public debate as well as through the establishment of an archive of materials mapping political participation of women in SR. The theme will focus especially on the possibilities of using the category of gender in the conceptualization of women’s political participation, citizenship and work.