Promoting Equal Opportunities for Roma Generally and Romani Women Specifically through Temporary Equalizing Measures.

Call: 1
Area: Human rights including minority rights
Organization name: Centrum pre výskum etnicity a kultúry
Amount: 85 000 €

The project seeks to increase capacities of key actors in public administration and resume processes  of implementation of TEMs (Slovak synonym for affirmative action)  to create equal opportunities of Roma generally and Romani women specifically utilizing the ground breaking recent amendment of antidiscrimination legislation. The project’s analytical and research activities in the first implementation year of the project will entail preparation of TEMs schemes on the grounds of ethnicity taking into consideration the gender perspective. We will also prepare guidelines how TEMs can be used by the central administration and in the use of EU structural funds during the programming period 2014-2020. Through technical assistance to one higher regional unit, to municipalities and to a prestigious university, the project will help to implement the policy in practice. The project will include also a communication strategy directed to a broader public that should explain the need to adopt this kind of action.