Increasing availibility and quality of specialized protection, help and support of women expierienceing gender based violence

Call: 1
Area: Gender equality and combating gender-based violence
Organization name: Fenestra
Amount: 121 221 €

A lot of women experiencing gender based violence do not have access to specific protection, help and support. The right of women to a life without violence is not respected and overlooked by the responsible bodies. The project aims to increase accessibility of specialized services for women and improve the quality of protection, help and support of women on the part of relevant institutions via direct provision of counseling, evaluation of service provision from the CoE Minimum Standards perspective; analysis of data and case studies; workshops for employees of relevant institutions; case conferences in the multi-agency setting; consultations in individual cases of VAW; information brochures and materials on our website; evaluation of possibilities and forms of cooperation among organizations and institutions providing direct support to women; work meetings of NGOs and their recommendations with a view to unifying methodologies, procedures and collection of data.