Civil association Against corruption has been trying to save Raden’s house in Čičmany for four years

Shingles on the roof of Raden’s house in Čičmany look half-worn out, although they had been mounted only four years ago. All that time, activists from civil association Against corruption have been nagging the contractor to supply high-quality shingles which Považské museum ordered and paid for. The cost exceeded 12 thous. euro. However, the County museum is happy with its 25-year guarantee.

Knots, wrong dimensions and cuts in shingles went by unnoticed by locals, even though they occurred at the time when they started to replace the roof on Raden’s house four years ago. People in charge did not complain and experts for monument protection actually accepted that the roof may stay covered with low-quality cut shingles instead of the highest-quality split shingles.

Fortunately, the issue got attention from civil organisation Against corruption. Although, the county fired former director of Považské museum, which is in charge of Raden’s house, no one has been actually punished for low-quality shingles which jeopardize our cultural heritage. This is happening despite the fact that activists have filed several criminal charges in this respect.

When will the roof start leaking?

The situation has gone so far that even laymen can see how badly damaged the roof is. Civil organisation Against corruption decided to acquire expert judgement. „It is the lowest-quality shingle and it is not suitable for any roof. Cracks which are being formed, allow for leaking. Split-shingles last for fifty years, this one will be gone after ten years,“ clarified Czech expert Stanislav Mika. Moreover, in his opinion, the actual value of these shingles is approx. 5 400 EUR. And despite all these threatening visions, county representatives are happy, since they rely on the contractor to keep repairing it for the next 25 years pursuant to the terms of guarantee.

Complaint to be filed soon

Activists are not satisfied with pure complaint clause and insist that Raden’s house requires shingles that county ordered and paid for. Thus, they organised a press conference right on that damaged roof. They attached a ladder to the house for everybody to climb up and see for themselves. And people were interested.

Everybody could see then the actual status of the roof. It seems as though the sight of the roof made even ministerial hearts pound. „We sent a written appeal to the Director of Považské museum in Žilina to exercise his right for complaint concerning the whole roof,“ wrote Iveta Kodoňová – a Head of Monument Inspection with the Ministry of Culture SR to the civil organisation after the press conference.

Author: Zuzana Bányi 25.07.2014