NGO Fund – Results of evaluation within the Third Call

10.09.2015 , , , , ,

The Fund operator has received 120 grant applications within the Third Call for Grant Applications for Non-governmental Organisations (SK03) announced on 27th May 2015. The Board of Trustees of NOS-OSF has been on 9th September 2015 deciding about 107 submitted grant applications, which successfully fulfilled administrative and eligibility criteria. Taking into account evaluations of experts, […]

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Additionaly proceeding Applications for III. Call

13.08.2015 , , ,

Applicants that provided missing attachements to their applications for the III. Call are proceeding to assesment of content complience. List of additionaly proceeding applications in SK: Zoznam postupujúcich dopĺňaných  žiadostí.

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List of expert evaluators of III. Call

4.08.2015 , , , ,

We are introducing expert evaluators will asses the Applications for the III. Call of Democracy and Human Rights Programme.

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Received and proceeding Application for the III. Call

3.08.2015 , ,

Please see the list of all received applications and list of those, who met all the administrative criteria.

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Third Call Open

27.05.2015 , , , ,

The NGO Fund opens Third Call, which focuses on regional and local projects.The Fund will distribute 233. 200 EUR.

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