Call for humanity

71 people died on our doorstep. Children, women and men. They were not terrorists, they were people fleeing war. They died in terrible circumstances, suffocating in a van left parked at the roadside.

It did not happen in Africa, it did not happen in the Mediterranean, it happened a few kilometers outside of Slovakian border. If we liked to think that the suffering of refugees is something distant, something that doesn’t affect us, we can no longer do so.

This tragedy shows that refugee’s crisis is not some abstract political problem. It is a matter of life and death of real people. No decent person can stay indifferent when someone dies before their very own eyes. They must try to help immediately.

We call on the Slovak government to immediately take measures to ease the burden of countries most affected by the influx of refugees and to alleviate the suffering of people.

Hundreds of individuals and communities have offered to help. These people can be the cornerstone of our effort.
Because of that the government should reach out to them and offer as much support as possible.
We are asking for our government to act immediately and draft an action plan for the support of refugees. Until there are ready long-term solutions of this crisis, we call on our government to take responsibility for the current situation and help prevent a humanitarian disaster.

Don’t let people suffer and die on our doorstep.