Fighting shell companies study exchange

Call: B
Area: Bilaterálny fond
Organization name: Transparency International Slovensko
Amount: 5 116 €

The aim of the project is to bring expertise and good transparency practice inthe fight against the shell companies from Norway to Slovakia. Norway is one ofthe least corrupt countries in the world, according to the TransparencyInternational Corruption Perception Index. Meanwhile, Slovakia is fifth worst inthe European Union. Norway was also one of the first countries in Europe thatdecided to fight corruption and tax evasion of shell companies throughmandatory register of beneficial ownership of any company operating in thecountry. The register is set to be launched in early 2016. Meanwhile, numerousprocurement scandals in Slovakia drove Slovak government to action as well. Itchanged the procurement law three times in the past year, with beneficialownership register being the key transparency tool. However, the Slovakregister launched in November this year is severely lacking in scope and rigour.As Transparency International Slovakia’s own recent research revealed, eventhe biggest construction company Vahostav, owned by a number of shellcompanies, was not forced to reveal its true owners under today’s rules. Hencewe propose to study Norway’s laws and experience in April of 2016 togetherwith our partner, Transparency International Norway. Both of the partnerswould carry out basic research on shell company cases and current legislation.In late April, they would meet and analyse the findings as well as visitNorwegian officials in charge of the register and its enforcement. Finally, TISlovakia would write a short case study on how to improve Slovakia’s ownregister based on the experience of Norway.