Building capacities for monitoring human trafficking in marginalized communities

Call: 3
Area: Human rights including minority rights
Organization name: Platform for Support of Health of Disadvantaged Groups (PSHDG)
Amount: 4 986 €

Platform for Support of Health of Disadvantaged Groups is in a daily contact with the inhabitants of segregated disadvantaged communities through the Roma Health Mediators. The topic of human trafficking is not openly discussed in the communities, however, Health Mediator often hear about suspicious job offers for young girls abroad or adoptions of children without proper involvement of state institutions.  At present there are no numbers that would tell us whether the human trafficking is truly a serious problem in disadvantaged communities. This project aims to prepare the environment, conditions, and networks for proper monitoring of the situation in the future so the state institutions could approach this issue effectively.Project activities will focus on workshops and trainings for HMs in the following areas- Raising awareness about human trafficking, prevention of risk behavior;- Building capacities for collecting up-to-date information about trafficking in the marginalized communities;- Migration and risks related to migration;- Trafficking of women and children;- Raising awareness about available services for trafficking victims home and abroad and related information.Higher awareness of the problem in the communities and creating the networks for future monitoring are the first but important steps towards deeper understanding of the human trafficking in Slovakia.