Rainbow Education

Call: 2
Area: Anti-discrimination, combating of racism and xenophobia
Organization name: Queer Leaders Forum
Amount: 3 396,37 €

The project Rainbow Education is reacting to the actual need of increasing information and education of professional workers in school and out-of-school facilities, which is also our primary project goal (fulfilled by realization of 10 educational workshops). Workshops “Homophobia at schools”, “Suggestions and recommendations for work with LGBT youth” and “Specifics of work with LGBT clients” will increase the amount of information of our focus group in the problematic of homophobia/biphobia/transphobia, of prevention, identification and solution of homophobia/biphobia/transphobia in schools, scholastic groups, school and out-of-school environments, affirmative work with LGBT clients and skills for the support of LGBT youth. 2 workshops called “Get to know your rights” will increase the knowledge of LGBTI community in the field of law enforcement, possible solutions for crisis situations, rights and obligations.


website: www.qlf.sk; www.qcentrum.sk

contact: romana.schlesinger@qcentrum.sk