Together Against Human Trafficking

Call: 3
Area: Gender equality and combating gender-based violence
Organization name: People in Peril Association
Amount: 12 631,50 €

The project will address the phenomenon of gender-based violence, in particular, the human trafficking. Since the topic of human trafficking is rather comprehensive, the project aims at a specific vulnerable group – women and girls , who according to statistical indicators, are the most vulnerable and hence most frequent victims of exploitation and exploitation-related forms of violence.By using specific thematic documentary movies and series of workshops in four selected schools, we want to address pupils and students in age group of 14 to 18 years. They will be exposed to the topic of human trafficking, particularly of women and girls, both in Slovakia and on global level. The objective of the action will be to sensitize (and change attitudes) their perception of this phenomenon which might be a potential threat for everyone. Since possible forms and aims of expoitation are diverse, we will expose students mainly to the issues of sexual exploitation, forced marriage, forced begging as well as others, in which women and girls are abused both in Slovakia and in the world.The final activity of the proposed project will aim at students who will get involved at their local school campaigns, in order to increase awareness and form an attitude towards making their peers more sensitive about this issues.These campaigns will culminate with a public event at each participating school during the International Women’s Day, on March 8th, 2016.Partner of the project is organization Člověk v tísni, o.p.s. , branch Slovakia.

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