We build bridges

Call: 2
Area: Anti-discrimination, combating of racism and xenophobia
Organization name: Centrum komunitného organizovania
Amount: 3 518 €

CCO has years of experience in community development work and active participation of citizens in decision-making processes in relation to their communities. The aim of CCO is to encourage active citizens in the spirit and the need for change in their own communities.The biggest challenge that faces the CCO from the beginning, is to teach people what the word community means, that it consists of several microcommunities and who represent these micro-communities.

On the basis of present fieldwork in Zvolen CCO identified four micro-communities representing  Roma minority, LGBT immigrants and disabled people, who often feel excluded from the work of community development . The aim of this project is therefore “link bridges’ and knowledge of the majority and minority communities on the basis of a questionnaire, workshops associated with the presentation of the minorities through artistic experiences. Emphasis will be given mainly to engage the younger generation (12-20 years).


website: www.cko.sk

contact: maros@cko.sk