Opening Slovakia

Call: 1
Area: Democracy, good governance and transparency
Organization name: Inštitút pre verejné otázky
Amount: 73 575 €

The main problem, to which the project reacts is imperfect process of operability of democratic institutions and insufficient level of democratic political culture.

The project includes:

-systematic monitoring and evaluation of the functioning of democratic institutions
-research of public opinion and political culture
-evaluation of performance of regulatory organs in the area of communication and media
-discussion fora with citizens

Project activities include:

-quarterly analytical Newsletter with qualitative and quantitative assessment of the state of democracy in the areas of rule of law, legislation, human and minority rights, media and civil society
-regular opinion polls on topical issues of society’s development
-semi-annual analytical reports on the operation of regulatory organs dealing with communication and media
-yearbook on quality of democracy in SR
-public debates across the SR on topics related to development of democracy and values of open society