Love ≠ violence

Call: 1
Area: Gender equality and combating gender-based violence
Organization name: OZ Žena v tiesni
Amount: 65 163 €

According to a representative survey (Bodnárová, Filadelfiová, Holubová) SR experiencing violence in 21.2% of women (18-64 years), which currently have a partner. In Turciansky region lives in a violent relationship around 7000 women. Only 12% of them seek help. This project is designed just for women who need specific advice,support, safe area, relevant information.
OZ Woman in distress has provided assistance and advice in 1124 women experiencing violence in intimate relationships for his 7-year-old business. Through this project, we want to strengthen support for these women and their children. Objective is
– elimination of violence against women in intimate relationships- the provision of specific services based on EU standards
– promote zero tolerance of violence in society through campaigns Love ≠ violence consisting of Shows: Get off the cycle of violence, non-formal education students, female students in the activity Will not be the next victim and discussions with seniors.