Public officials under public oversight

Call: 1
Area: Democracy, good governance and transparency
Organization name: Aliancia Fair-play
Amount: 105 000 €

Fair-play Alliance has been building a civic watchdog over public administration over the last 11 years based on an assumption that systematic civic oversight creates efficient barrier against corruption and misuse of power. The project aims at strengthening and sustaining that civic mechanism in areas that are critical for democracy in Slovakia. Government of one political party, weak rule of law and oposition currently present a huge risk that needs a strong balance in the civic and media sectors. Watchdog and investigative activities are therefore in the center of this project and will target breach of laws or other democratic principles in areas of rule of law, justice, effective public spending and public administration. Fair-play Alliance will try to disclose cases, publish them but also achieve a remedy. We will monitor actions of judicial bodies and mobilise public for reforming judiciary. For our work we will use modern IT technologies and spread them among key stake holders.