Minulý týždeň sme vyslali piatich zástupcov formálneho a neformálneho vzdelávania zo Slovenska na študijnú návštevu do Nórska, ktorej cieľom bolo budovať kapacity v oblasti vzdelávania a výchovy k ľudským právam. Účastníci študijnej návštevy tak budú môcť skvalitniť svoje programy výchovy a vzdelávania k ľudským právam o poznatky a skúsenosti z Nórska, či vytvoriť nové programy.  Zástupcovia […]

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Approved applications for Bilateral Fund

25.02.2016 ,

Based on the Call for Applications for the support of Bilateral Fund, the Democracy and Human Rights Programme Opearator, Nadácia otvorenej spoločnosti – Open Society Foundation, received 22 applications for grant support. The NOS-OSF Board of Trustees approved 9 applications, based on selection of external expert evaluators. The evaluators were Viera Böttcher, Juraj Jando, Daniel […]

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If people don’t like them, they throw bottles at their heads

13.10.2015 , , ,

A civic association helps to draw attention to incidents of domestic violence against women working in sex business. They have managed to start cooperation with the police and with women working on the street or in brothels. Pointing guns at their heads, threatening with a knife, rapes, fights, strangling or insults. A white van parked near […]

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Primitive or sick – doctors frequently turn down trans patients

6.10.2015 , , ,

The civic association TransFúzia was the first organization in Slovakia to map the struggles endured by people who want to have their gender identity recognized by doctors. The most common problem of transgender people is to find a doctor. The research lead by the civic association TransFúzia monitoring the access to medical care for trans […]

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So the politicians will play fair

1.10.2015 , ,

Slovensko v roku 2008 nevýhodne odpredalo emisné kvóty garážovej firme. Odhaduje sa, že tým prišlo o 66 miliónov eur. Napriek závažnosti kauzy úrady jej vyšetrovanie zastavili. V roku 2014 však Aliancia Fair-play zverejnila nové závažné informácie o prípade.

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NoMantinels Theatre: We show love from a different angle

30.09.2015 , , ,

Five years ago, they founded the first LGBTI theatre in Slovakia. The amateur ensemble has added other topics into their repertoire since then, such as violence against women or immigrants. The founder of NoMantinels, Andrej Kuruc, says that the controversial referendum has paradoxically improved the image of homosexuals in media. At the beginning, there was […]

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Slovakia has not dealt with its past yet, EDAH says

23.09.2015 , , ,

In Slovakia, there was a lack of educational materials focused on the topic of holocaust from the Slovak perspective. That is why the civic association EDAH decided to create the first complex material on holocaust in Slovakia within a project supported by the Democracy and Human Rights Program. “Obviously, we know from experience that such […]

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Slovakia for all

, ,

The aim of project Slovakia for All is to control public institutions, increase the awareness of real public sources use and breaking of basic democratic rules like equal access to education or labor market.

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Domestic violence and addiction on men. Women from settlements opt for a change

21.09.2015 , , , ,

Learning to be independent, the importance of education or communication with local administration. Civic association In Minorita teaches Roma women to stand on their feet and change their lives. “At the beginning, it was difficult to work with women from our Roma settlement. They were not used to meet up, so we started with handiwork, […]

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NGO Fund – Results of evaluation within the Third Call

10.09.2015 , , ,

The Fund operator has received 120 grant applications within the Third Call for Grant Applications for Non-governmental Organisations (SK03) announced on 27th May 2015. The Board of Trustees of NOS-OSF has been on 9th September 2015 deciding about 107 submitted grant applications, which successfully fulfilled administrative and eligibility criteria. Taking into account evaluations of experts, […]

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