Do the Roma have their political leaders?


The Czech and Slovak documentary film Tvoj čas (Your Time) portrays the way how Roma political leaders have changed in 25 years and why in Slovakia, they have a higher chance to succeed in regional politics, whereas in the Czech Republic, they do better in national elections. Do the Roma even have political leaders and […]

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Domestic violence and addiction on men. Women from settlements opt for a change

21.09.2015 , , , ,

Learning to be independent, the importance of education or communication with local administration. Civic association In Minorita teaches Roma women to stand on their feet and change their lives. “At the beginning, it was difficult to work with women from our Roma settlement. They were not used to meet up, so we started with handiwork, […]

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The village of Roškovce refused enrollment to special schools, a local community center helps

17.08.2015 , , , ,

With support of Democracy and Human Rights Programme, Člověk v tísni helps marginalised children in Roškovce.

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eduRoma fights segregation is schools

6.07.2015 , , , ,

Watch our video about the project and get inspired to participate in the III. Call of the NGO Fund grant programme.

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Foster homes take care mostly of Roma children because of conditions to adopt them

29.06.2015 , , ,

Roma children from foster homes usually end up in special schools. Foster homes employees often have to deal with Roma pupils segregation.

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Dizajnfórum: You will enter different world in Drienovec

10.06.2015 ,

In a place where state educates Roma with batons, they work with children and their parents.

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Without prejudice


We cooperate with the Plenipotentiary of the Government of the Slovak Republic for Roma Communities on the preparation of support strategies in the field of communication.

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