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(SK) Výzva k ľudskosti

27.08.2015 , ,

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Queer festival in Bratislava: We do not have to live in a black and white prison, says the organizer

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The stands of LGBTI activists were visited mainly by foreign tourists. A primary school teacher asked for leaflets and information materials for her pupils. On the third Saturday in August, the premises of the Old Market belonged to the LGBTI community, as the third annual presentation of activities of organizations dealing with the rights of […]

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FOTO - Roskovce 4

The village of Roškovce refused enrollment to special schools, a local community center helps

17.08.2015 , , , , , ,

With support of Democracy and Human Rights Programme, Člověk v tísni helps marginalised children in Roškovce.

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(SK) Prečo (mnohým) ľuďom neprekážajú úplatky?

12.08.2015 , , , , ,

(SK) Ako vnímajú mladí ľudia korupciu? Prečítajte si ocenenú prácu žilinského gymnazistu.

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(SK) Spoznajte Kamošov z webu

5.08.2015 , , , ,

(SK) Prečítajte si o projekte Kamoši z webu nášho grantistu ĽUDIA ĽUĎOM, n.o.

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Konferencia Tatranská Štrba 2015 109

Recommendations for youth and children participation

3.08.2015 , , , , , ,

Outputs from our conference Empowering Children and Youth in Active Citizenship and Human Rights.

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(SK) Je korupcia synonymom pre krádež?

30.07.2015 , , , , ,

(SK) Prinášame ďalšiu víťaznú prácu z literárnej súťaže pre študentov ZŠ a SŠ Chceme život bez úplatkov a korupcie.

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no mantinels

No Mantinels tells stories of LGBTI people in Slovakia

27.07.2015 , , , ,

With support of NGO Fund No Mantinels shares stories of LGBTI through theatre and other events.

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9.07.2015 , ,

The Open Society Foundation continues its campaign against hatred in cyberspace. You can now visit the web site www.povedzmitodooci.sk and share videos designed to raise awareness of the harmfulness of hatred. Hates are everywhere. Especially in cyberspace. You can find them in article discussions, social networks, anywhere where haters can shelter behind the anonymity of […]

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